TQ Fail: What happens when the bleeding doesn’t stop?

So….your neighbor calls you screaming…..tells you her 8-year-old son was playing with a friend and after some roughhousing, went through the glass in her greenhouse. Now, there’s blood spurting from his arm. After rushing over next door you find him laying on the grass, towel wrapped around his arm, mom on the phone to 911….

What’s In Your Pocket?

By now, those of you that follow us know of our insistence on the carrying, and subsequent proficiency with, a medical kit designed to address life-threatening hemorrhage, and various other traumas along with competent training. So why aren’t you? We still see lots of folks discussing firearm types….which is the new whiz-bang for concealed carry…

Death Dealer Tactical Double Rifle Bag

Be sure to head over to the youtube channel and check out our most recent video about the Death Dealer Tactical Double Rifle bag!

Shot Show 2017

Very excited to announce that I will be attending Shot Show with Holosun. I purchased one of the very first units Primary Arms, LLC had for sale and have been impressed more and more with each optic they release. I’m honored to be able to help represent such an amazing company. If you haven’t already…

Cherrybalmz Gun Grease

They say the only enemy your firearms know is rust and a politician.  That is a very accurate statement but one item that should be included in that iconic statement is friction. If you own a firearm you have likely experienced the gun that is not properly lubricated.  To me I equate it to nails…


First, let’s start off with an introduction. For those that don’t know me, my name is Tom Dillon, lead tactical instructor and lead gear queer for Crucible Defensive Training. I claim the title Tackleberry and gear bomb. If it’s made of Cordura I want it……same goes for Kydex. Those bungee doo-hickees for a helmet? Yup…

3 Gun Beginners Class – Garretsville, Ohio

In conjunction with Southington Hunt Club in beautiful Garretsville, Ohio we will be instructing a 3 Gun Beginners class. Are you nervous about shooting 3 Gun? Think you need thousands of dollars in gear to attend a 3 Gun match? Afraid you simply cannot do it? This is the class for you! This class is…

Unlike some we actually get out there and practice our skills

Footage from the most recent 3 Gun hosted by Performance Shooting Sports.   Remember that shooting skills are perishable. You need to get out there and practice. You need to get out there and take a training class. Push yourself and see what greatness you can obtain!

Ohio Concealed Carry Gift Certificates

Crucible Defensive Training is happy to announce that we now offer gift certificates for our Ohio Concealed Carry course. Has your loved one been hinting that they want to get their Ohio Concealed Handgun License? Do you want to provide a loved one with the training they deserve and the ability to defend them self…

Polymer bullets?

Yep…polymer coated 9mm from @centermass223. Ran flawlessly through the Glock….the Bonus? Oh, just Reduced barrel maintenance…. Go give em a follow and a Like, tell them CDT sent ya. Great products fro a great local company. ‪#‎supportlocalbusiness‬ ‪#‎polymertip‬ ‪#‎superiorammoatagreatprice‬