This past Sunday was the favorite day in the calendar of CDT….range day! The day we get to get outside, engage with our students, have some fun, learn a great deal about defending ourselves with our concealed carry firearms!

We had to dodge some rain, but by the time we got going it was clear that everybody was all in for a day of learning. It’s always a plus as well to get to teach some of the guys that you work with. For those of you that know me, I’m a full time fireman, and a couple of guys from the FD came out to finish up their CCW certification. Add in two others that come from different walks of life, and we had a great class of guys that were doing what I always hope my students do by the end of class: engaging each other on everything from holster selection to the types of classes they’d like to take next.

IMG951270 IMG951274

I had two others that came out for Core Defensive Pistol and spent the rest of the afternoon learning new skills, challenging their decision making process, and learning how to care for themselves, or a loved one, should they need to use their defensive handgun and suffer an injury. Our CDP course goes over the practical applications and load out of your IFAK or first aid kit, and the WHY of some of the items you may choose to carry in your kit.  All in all, a great day and great people. It makes me proud to teach folks that are passionate about their rights, AND their ability to defend hearth and home.

John Ciammaichella came out mid morning to let us finally see one of the newest offering from Axelson Tacticalthe Desert Axe…..


For those of you that don’t know, Axelson Tactical was begun by Jeff Axelson in part as a tribute to his brother, Matt Axelson, who died in service to his country with SEAL Team 10 during the Operation Red Wings in 2005. Their website says:

   “We decided to launch a business that honored the sacrifices of Matt and all those like him. Many in our family history have served. Grandpa and his brother were career Navy and were on the USS Pennsylvania in Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, Grandma was a Marine for the duration of WWII, Dad and Uncle Dean were in the infantry and fought in the Vietnam War, so this sentiment runs deep with us.

In the toughest moments thoughts should not be on the gear you carry it should be on the safety and well being of those next to you. We hope that what we bring to the table will be an integral, albeit, small part of the brave forces that protect us everyday. We also hope that everybody that visits us will take some strength with them when they remember how hard our service men and women fight for us everyday.”

They specialize in providing extremely high quality weapons parts and accessories, and now their own series of well sourced and built rifles, to Law Enforcement, the American Patriot, and our military. The Desert Axe is one of those offerings from their Warrior Series Rifles, featuring their own proprietary BCG and Muzzle Brake, Upper  and Lower parts from BCM and B5 systems, an M-LOK rail,  and an ALG Combat trigger group; Not to mention a SICK desert pattern paint job on the entire weapon!

6933 (1) IMG951313

Of course we got to put some rounds downrange with it  (as any sane person would want to do once you put your hands on it) and I can say without a doubt it’s one of the most well balanced and flat shooting platforms i’ve ever shot.  Even with all of the wind and rain, it stayed on target perfectly for precision shots as well as rapid close contact drills. Their nickel boron coated BCG ran flawlessly with little lube, and the trigger was crisp with little to no take up. Perfect for being able to switch from a precision shooting application to an intermediate engagement with ease. The Desert Axe is but one of the many excellent and customizable offering they have, as well as their Signature and Tribute series rifles, that will give you more rifle than you pay for, and a weapon built by genuine patriots here in the USA.

As you can see on our Partners page, Axelson Tactical is a company that we would put our lives and treasure behind, and we are proud to be associated with them. Click on the links provided to their page and check them out!

Check out Part 2 for the rest of or range day happenings and stay tuned to the webpage for more info on new training opportunities coming for the rest of the year……

– Atchison