They say the only enemy your firearms know is rust and a politician.  That is a very accurate statement but one item that should be included in that iconic statement is friction.
If you own a firearm you have likely experienced the gun that is not properly lubricated.  To me I equate it to nails on a chalkboard.  The feel of metal, very expensive metal, grinding on just as expensive metal.  The feeling of the slide not fully cycling at the worst possible moment and the incredibly frustrating and fun killing malfunction that occurs shortly after.
I have tried well in excess of 10 different firearms lubricants during my years of shooting.  Most of those lubricants were a liquid and while they are easily to apply they don’t stay where you want them.  Generally you have to over apply lubricant that is in a liquid form simply so that enough stays where you want it to.  Of course over applying lubricant can have side effects.  Picking up copious amounts of dirt, dust, small stones, the list goes on and on not to mention that it dries out rather quickly.
What I had not tried before was a grease based product.  After all, the firearms lubricant market is primarily liquid based, not grease.  I came across CherryBalmz Weapons Lubricants a few years ago and gave it a try.  It was my first grease based lubricant and to say I was nervous about switching to a grease was an understatement.  Questions raced through my head, how much should I use, where do I apply it, will it freeze in our lower temperatures, how will I apply it at the range, is it even going to work and so many other questions.  I read up about Cherrybalmz through their website ( and began filtering through numerous other online sources to determine what exactly I was getting into.
I applied Cherrybalmz “Black Rifle Field Balm”, or if you have been using Cherrybalmz for a while “Ma Deuce Juice” as it use to be called.  I ran a two day 1,000 round rifle and pistol course with a well known instructor.  The entirety of the class was taught at Southington Hunt Club Inc. in Ohio.  The range is covered in Silica Sand which is a someone fine textured sand with small rocks included at no extra charge.  Throughout the course nearly 100% of the guns were shutdown due to failures that mostly were the result of friction taking its tole on that 100+ degree summer day.  My rifle functioned flawlessly while others required constant lubrication and maintenance.  The confidence that Cherrybalmz built that single day made me a customer for life.
Fast forward two years and I shoot USPSA, PPC, 3 Gun as well as  teach numerous Ohio Concealed Carry, pistol, and rifle courses each year.  My pistols, rifles, and shotguns are slinging hundreds of rounds down range every month.  Those firearms are not only used by me but also my students.  It is very common for my firearms to go 500+ rounds without being cleaned or Cherrybalmz reapplied.  Those round counts often include suppressed fire, which, can be very taxing on a firearm in terms of friction forces.  Knowing that I have Cherrybalmz on my firearms takes one more worry away from me.  I know that the grease is going to stay exactly where I apply it.  I know the grease is not going to fall off or dry out after just a hundred rounds.  I know that my firearm is going to do exactly what I need it to do every time I pull that trigger.
If you are looking for a lubricant that will put your mind at ease, make malfunctions a thing of the past, and not break the bank then head over to the Cherrybalmz website and check out their product line.