One of the most important areas of personal defense we bang into the heads of our students over and over is this….in a fight for your life; a no-holds barred, close contact, empty handed fight for your life…how long would YOU last? 10 seconds? 30 seconds? How long before you are taken to the ground and choked or beaten to the point of unconsciousness before you even get a chance to access you defensive handgun or edged weapon? Are you competent enough with both bare hands to defend yourself and incapacitate a threat if the situation might not call for the use of a deadly weapon? 

Look at the MMA fighter above….one has obviously gotten the better of the fighter on the ground and has quickly positioned himself to dominate the fight. These are finely tuned athletes, who spend hours and months preparing for 3 to 5 grueling rounds of combat, one solid punch or kick away from a trip to the mat and a nap. In your life, RIGHT NOW, as you run errands or are out for a walk on the proverbial park, realistically ask yourself if you would stand a chance against a determined attacker if you had to fight your way out of that dangerous position. 

We here at CDT are no strangers to unarmed combatives, most of us spending a great deal of time learning the art, some of that translating into our military careers. So, it is only right that we put our strongly held beliefs about the craft front and center, and bring the vital skills of unarmed self defense to our students. We trust your time and training to no one more than Amonte Littlejohn, and we are proud to be associated with a Master such as he.

Amonte brings decades of empty hand combatives training and practical application to our training schedule in the form of multiple platforms. Course offerings such as Unarmed Combatives for Women, Empty-hand Tactics for the CHL Holder, and Combatives for the Armed Professional are just a few of the ways we can get you no-nonsense prepared for this vital area of skill development in your overall personal defense. He has been a dedicated practitioner of the soberingly effective SE Asian art of Kuntao for over 21 years. Amonte has also taught this style of combatives to military and civilians alike, all over the US and Internationally, for over 10 years. His knowledge has been tapped to advise some of the most elite Armed Professionals abroad because of his proficiency and mastery of  the effective tenets of Kuntao at dominating an attacker, armed or unarmed.

If you are a seasoned martial art student, veteran Law Enforcement Officer, or the mother of three who has never taken a empty hand class in self defense in your life, you owe it to yourself to make this the next step you take in relevant training for the real world. 

Keep up with our website for upcoming classes with Amonte, and if you have questions for him you can email us at, talk to Amonte directly by emailing him at