As 2018 comes to a close and 2019 awaits, we here at CDT reflect on a great 2018…full of growth and some painful lessons about being in the Personal Readiness industry. We certainly hope that your holidays were filled with love and light, whether it appeared under a Christmas tree, from the light of a Menorah, or any other way you celebrate a season of joy.

2019 promises to be one of a seed change for us. We pledge to continue to offer the best content and most relevant training we can, even as our philosophies about training in this day and age evolve. New content, and a vastly new training structure will ensure we keep up with the latest in reality based skill development for years to come.

Change is sometimes hard though. In 2019 we also say goodbye to founding member and my longtime friend Tom Dillon. Tom helped build this company into what it is today, and was integral in maintaining the spirit of what we started out to do in 2013. He moves on to bigger and better things for sure, and a dedicated focus on his family. His energy and knowledge will be missed, but we know he’s never far from the pull of hearing the clang of rounds on steel.

Tom Dillon, USMC, CDT Founding Member

This year will see us branch out into segments of the community we never thought possible. It will also see the birth of the centralized training regimen, from which all other training content can be honed and specialized to meet the growing needs of society. Needless to say we are excited to ring in the new year, and we hope you come along with us. If you are a prior student, you NEED to be training this year. If you are new to the game, let us help you find your way to a more prepared and confident lifestyle, where you take charge of protection and the safety of your loved ones.

Happy New Year from all of us at CDT!