We told you at the end of 2018 that vast changes would be coming to CDT for 2019.

Change is necessary in the real world to address the changing environment of threats, and the preparation necessary to face them.

Note: The photo that defines our site is a map of the Battle of Plataea, fought in 479 BC, which was the definitive end of the Persian army in Greece. It successfully crushed the larger Persian force and many believe that it was the end of the Persian Empire’s control of the Eastern Mediterranean. It did not come without cost, but was won primarily on the rigid training of the Greek army, the masterful use of terrain, and the Greek commanders prior preparation before the battle. They simply stood their ground and said “Not one more inch…”, and the Spartans that were there that day finally avenged Leonidas and the 300. There are dozens or examples of victories over superior odds throughout history, but this particular engagement exemplifies preparation, mindset, and resolve against all threats….a philosophy that we espouse. Not only for education in the armed disciplines, but in all aspects of training for a secure world around us.

With that….Welcome to Crucible Risk Mitigation Services, in 2019 and beyond. We are poised for not only finding solutions for the individual citizen to prepare for potential hazards, but also to provide high quality education for the armed professional alike. Our ultimate goal is to sharpen our clients mindset, personally and professionally, toward successfully protecting themselves from whatever the world can throw at them.

In addition to our contributions to the world of concierge level protection services, we can work with you to find the solutions you need at the civilian, government or corporate level.  Our Adaptive Situational Awareness program is designed to provide the key areas of preparation in the armed citizen client pool, taught together to deliver a comprehensive foundation from which to hone your skills in critical areas.

We will still provide our top-level, real-world medical skills education, firearm and unarmed skills, and customization of programs for the armed professional. In all, CRMS can be the solution to all of your preparation needs. More changes are on the way going forward, so walk with us on our journey into the future of being ready for the threats you hope never come.