Our Story…

Relevant Solutions for the Real World…An idea that we live by, and that guides our company.  We believe that through excellent training, the inoculation against stress and discomfort, and relevant education you can become better prepared for an ever increasing chaotic world.



Crucible Risk Mitigation Services, formerly Crucible Defensive Training, is about education, pure and simple… Whether it’s firearms, gear, first-aid, or just everyday safety, we rely on proven methods, years of training experience, scientific research, and realistic training context to help you become prepared for the Critical Incident you hope never comes.



Gabe Atchison and Tom Dillon began Crucible Defensive Training because locally they saw a lack in realistic firearms and safety training beyond the CCW level….beyond what it takes to know how to fight and survive a lethal encounter, or danger in everyday life.  They had a vision that they embodied in the slogan of “Chance favors the prepared,” that vision being to make a person better prepared to handle anything that this chaotic world can throw at us.

CDT is now positioned in 2019 to offer concierge level service in numerous areas of Personal Protection and Readiness. Whether you are the mom of three looking to protect your family, the veteran Armed Professional, or the CEO of large company looking to increase the safety of your staff, CDT can help you reach your goals.



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