Ohio Concealed Carry – CCW:

– OCC/CCW is where the rubber meets the road for your Concealed Carry training. This course is designed to teach the student about the handguns that are best for concealed carry, how to store them safely and securely, and how to use them efficiently in the context of a Imminent Lethal Threat.

–  Students will learn the difference between sighted and unsighted fire, the balance of speed and precision, drawing from the holster, movement out of the line of attack, and the science behind defensive shooting. You will also learn about proper defensive firearms and ammunition, holsters, where and how to store your firearm to maximize access, and will review the State of Ohio laws regarding the Use if Deadly Force and Concealed Carry. If you have been thinking of getting your CCW permit, this is the training you NEED to take to put you on the right path to confidently defending yourself.

Items Necessary:

  • The pistol that you intend to use for Concealed Carry that is cleaned and properly functioning
  • Minimum of 250 rounds of pistol ammunition
  • Minimum 3 functioning and cleaned pistol magazines for caliber
  • Holster, Belt, magazine carrier, etc.
  • Rain or cold weather gear for inclement conditions at an outdoor range
  • Appropriate Eye/Ear Protection
  • Food and Water for the day
  • Note taking supplies

Defensive Rifle

–  DR is an all-day rifle course that gives the student a firm base of knowledge on engaging threats at close range and in restricted environments. Taught under the guide of US Marine combat veteran Tom Dillon the student will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective in a multitude of close-quarters situations.

Additionally, this course is intended to make the student more comfortable manipulating their carbine and gear, engaging threats when under stress, and to learn the basics of intuitive shooting. These are skills that are necessary when engaged in a real world, immediate threat engagement scenario.

Items Necessary:

Come with an open mind and ready to learn. We are here to share our knowledge and skills, and we expect all students to leave at a higher level of skill than before.

  • AR-15, M-16, or AK  type rifle that is cleaned and properly functioning
  • Minimum of 300 rounds of rifle ammunition
  • Minimum 3 functioning and cleaned rifle magazines for caliber
  • Rifle Sling, Magazine Pouches, Dump Pouch, etc. (We will not tell you what gear to use. You are here to get comfortable with your gear.)
  • Rain or cold weather gear for inclement conditions at an outdoor range
  • Appropriate Eye/Ear Protection
  • Food and Water for the day


A.D.A.P.T. – Advanced Defensive Application Pistol Training

Have you taken your CCW and it left you wondering “What’s next?”. This is the course for you.  You will take your skills in using you defensive firearm and push them higher in this fast paced and challenging class. Skill development sections include Cover vs Concealment, shooting and movement through everyday spaces, unorthodox positions, use of cover, dealing with use of your firearm in crowded spaces, as well as pushing contact distances out to the limits of your marksmanship abilities. By the end of the day you will be thinking your way through various reality-based scenarios which will include dealing with sudden and chaotic self-defense situations. You will also be taught some basic trauma care, centered around the treatment of massive hemorrhage control and other injuries you can sustain during a defensive situation. Come ready to immerse yourself in the real world of violent and deadly encounters that you could face every day when you walk out of the door….


Items Necessary:


  • Minimum of 400 rounds of pistol ammunition (Minimum Caliber of  .380)
  • The pistol that you intend to use for self defense that is cleaned and properly functioning. This pistol is preferred to be semi automatic, get ready to reload ALOT if you are shooting a revolver.
  • Minimum 3 functioning and cleaned pistol magazines for caliber for pistol being used in class. We suggest having proper magazine pouches for these magazines.
  • Holster,  Belt, and magazine carriers, etc. It is suggested that the holster be kydex and the belt be strong enough to hold everything around your waist. You will be moving and your stuff needs to be retained.
  • Personal Medical Kit if you have one. If not Contact us and we can help you get one.
  • Any additional EDC (Every Day Carry) equipment, such as edged weapons (carried only), flashlight, etc.
  • Rain or cold weather gear for inclement conditions at an outdoor range. We suggest that if the day is sunny you should bring sunscreen, there is not alot of natural cover on the range.
  • Appropriate Eye/Ear Protection. Electronic ear muffs are preferred so you can hear us talking while you are not shooting, but if you dont have some bring what you have.
  • Knee and elbow protection as needed. You will placed in multiple uncomfortable firing postitions and you will have to deal with them as you need to.
  • Food and Water for the day. It is suggested that you bring a gallon of water, as well as plenty of snacks to keep your energy level up.

This class is meant to take the knowledge you acquired during your CCW class and push it beyond. This class is for the novice to advanced shooter, it is guaranteed that your skills will be challenged.


Classes Coming Soon

  • ADAPT2 (Will be combined with ADAPT for an amazing Weekend of advanced defensive pistol training)
  • Defensive Rifle 2 (Learn to function in containers and through spaces in chaotic environments)
  • Two Man Team Tactics (Whether it be you and a buddy or you and a family member, this class is to teach you how to engage a threat as a team)
  • TECC

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