Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:


“There are lots of choices for firearms and safety training, what makes CDT different? Why should I choose them?”

  • CDT offers not just firearms training, but preparedness for all aspects of a trained and safe daily life. Our backgrounds range from the Military to Law Enforcement…from high risk medical care overseas to high tempo civilian medical care right here at home. Not only are we trainers, but we are students of our craft and strive continuously to educate ourselves in the most recent and relevant skills and information available.
  • We work tirelessly to provide you with real world training, and maintain strong working relationships with some of the best self-defense/Tactical equipment providers, not only in Ohio, but around the country, so that we can meet any need or answer any question you may have about how best to prepare yourself.
  • Lastly, we are your neighbors…your Police Officer, your local Firefighter, and your congregation member. We are all part of YOUR community, and we take the responsibility of providing real and relevant training personally serious. We believe in forming life-long partnerships with our students, and we strive to ensure that we live in a community of aware and prepared safe citizens….after all, we live here too!

“Do you really need that much ammo?”

  • Yes you do. The ammo count we give for each class is usually a minimum amount that you need. During CDT classes you shoot a lot, and there might be some drill that you want to shoot again. We suggest you bring more than the required amount in case you want to shoot more.

“Why can’t I bring my .22?”

  • In a CDT class we like to prepare you for real world situations. .22 Caliber pistol rounds are not a realistic defensive option because .22 caliber rounds are not very good at stopping threats. Vasts amounts of verified research has been done on the subject and have concluded that the .22 is simply insufficient at penetration and energy related expansion to facilitate a medical stop.

“What gear do I really need for the class?”

  • If it is in the class description you should probably have it. The items that we suggest you bring are items that will help enhance your class experience.

“Where is Southington Offroad?”

  • Southington Offroad is our preferred training site. Containing over 2000 yrds of training ranges, a cabin classroom, and covered pavilion, it allows us to accomplish all of our training needs and give our students the best experience they can find. It is located Southeast of Cleveland, just west of Warren, off of Rt. 82 at 10321 Silica Sand Road, Garrettsville Ohio.
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