CDT Instructors

Crucible Risk Mitigation Services combines instructors from across the spectrum of safety and security, with years of REAL WORLD experience that you can trust to exceed your expectations when it comes to your training. Whether it’s firearms instruction, critical medical skills training, security consulting, or simply advice on living safely in today’s world, we will help you get to the next level.


  • Gabe Atchison, Co-Founder, Lead Pistol/Trauma Med Instructor
– US Marine Veteran
– USMC Pistol and Rifle Marksmanship Instructor
– USMC Non-Lethal Weapons Instructor
– Civilian Defensive Firearms Instructor
– OH EMT-Paramedic of 14 years
– Level 1 Trauma Center ED Paramedic
– SWAT Medic/CoTECC Certified Instructor
– ACS/COT Basic Bleeding Control Instructor
Contact Gabe at 330-697-0495 or email:


  • “Doc”,  Trauma/Medical Skills Instructor

– Former member of the Israeli Defense Force
– Former member of the Israeli Special Police
– Remote-EMT and Medical Provider
– US Navy Corpsman
– MPIC, DOD TCCC Instructor, TECC Instructor
– CLS Instructor
– Basic Bleeding Control Instructor
– Has taught thousands of US and foreign military personnel, US and foreign government employees, Emergency Responders, humanitarian aid workers and civilians across the globe.

*Name withheld for security purposes*



  • “Instructor A”,  Tactical and Defensive Firearms Instructor

– Certified Small Arms Instructor
– Security Contractor and Consultant
– US Navy SWCC

*Name withheld for security purposes*


  • Tom Dillon, Co-Founder, Lead Tactical/Defensive Rifle Instructor (Retired 2018 from CDT)