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Defensive Rifle

This course will take your defensive rifle skills to a whole new level. You will learn, – How to properly reload your defensive rifle – Proper stance and grip of the rifle – Reload from cover – Proper use of cover and concealment – Difference between cover and concealment – How to use your sling…

Death Dealer Tactical Double Rifle Bag

Be sure to head over to the youtube channel and check out our most recent video about the Death Dealer Tactical Double Rifle bag!

3 Gun Beginners Class

Are you nervous about shooting 3 Gun? Think you need thousands of dollars in gear to attend a 3 Gun match? Afraid you simply cannot do it? This is the class for you! This class is designed to teach you what you need to know to shoot your first 3 Gun match. Oh and a…

Unlike some we actually get out there and practice our skills

Footage from the most recent 3 Gun hosted by Performance Shooting Sports.   Remember that shooting skills are perishable. You need to get out there and practice. You need to get out there and take a training class. Push yourself and see what greatness you can obtain!